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Huffington Post Rip Off

Imagine my surprise this morning when our maid brought me my breakfast and my newspaper and I open to the front page to see that Ariana Huffington, that lap dog of the left, had sold her little blog, The Huffington Post, to AOL for a cool $315 million.   I was so upset I threw my grapefruit half against the wall, nearly hitting poor Consuela on her way out the door.  I was the reason she started that site, by the way.   I remember it was in the fall of 2004, we were both appearing on adjacent CNN programs.  Waiting in the green room she turns to me and in her thick Hungarian dialect says, “Oh, Margharet, I loffed dat  column you wrote dis veek .  I’ve  been dinking ov stahting a blohg myself, do you haff any ahdvise to offa?”  Fearing no one would understand her pigeon English I said, “Well, Ariana, perhaps you could enlist your famous friends to help by contributing articles, that way you don’t have to  do so much of it yourself.”  And by the following spring that’s just what she’d done. And now the ungrateful cow has a guilty conscience and won’t even return my calls.

Margaret Gray

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