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Don’t Let Japan Happen to You!

We all watched in horror as the tragedy unfolded in Japan, as wave upon wave crashed against the tiny little buildings with all those tiny little people I wept, and collapsed into my husband’s, Steve’s, powerful arms.

I didn’t want the same thing to happen to my 8,000 square foot home, to my beautiful Pebble Tec pool and patio area, to my beautiful  to my boys, to my husband, or to me.  So in my authority as president of the Western Estates Home Owner’s Association I called an emergency meeting of the governing board to see what measures we could put in place to ensure we would never see what happened in Japan happen to us.

Our beloved home of Western Estates is located just 27 miles from the California coastline, and while that may sound like a lot, my husband, owner and operator of a wildly successful landscaping company explained to me, and to all the board, that unlike in Japan, there are no hills between us and the Pacific to deflect those dangerous tsunami waves.  Those waves can reach all the way to the mountains behind us!  But let me turn you over to Steve because he can better explain it.

This is Steve Dooley, Bobbie’s husband.  I’ve seen this happen dozens of times before with bad irrigation.  People just don’t realize how far water can go.  In January I was over at one of my customer’s properties.  We were digging post holes for a fence on the north end of her small property.  Her son was riding a minibike he got for Christmas and the dumb-ass ran right into their above ground inflatable hot tub, ripping it wide open.  This wall of water came rushing out, reaching all the way to  where me and my crew were standing, thirty feet away.  If you just do the math you’ll see that the Pacific Ocean has a million times more water in it than that hot tub and can reach about a million times further than we were standing.  So we really had to take steps, and that’s what I was telling my wife Bobbie.

It’s Bobbie again, thanks Steve.  He’s always so good at explaining things.

Last Friday the Western Estates board met in closed session and despite the misguided efforts of Gayle Cunningham and Bob Oliver we passed a resolution that will ensure that we in Western Estates will be protected.  Yet again our community can be a model for how other communities can face life’s challenges.

I urge others to do as we’ve done.  If you love your homes and your family you’ll do no less.

Tsunami Resolution 03/14/2011. Rev. C

In order that we at Western Estates might protect ourselves from tsunami, we resolve to do the following:

1. A seventeen foot high dam wall will be constructed to encircle Western Estates.  Current guard gates will be upgraded, with water-tight canal-style lock barricades that can close should the tsunami alarm sound.

2. The empty land just beyond this new dam wall on our western border will no longer become an 8 hole golf course and driving range but will instead be developed as respectable mid-priced phase five homes.  These homes, in the middle 200k’s, will be constructed to serve as a breakwater to protect our wall and also provide our guards and other working class domestics a local housing option, at least until a flood comes.

We know not everyone loves their family enough to provide the same level of protection, but do the best with what you can.


Bobbie <3

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