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Let’s All Help the Japs!

I think as parents we all hope that our children will one day prove that our investment of time and energy wasn’t wasted, that they will show the capacity to give back, to make a difference, to take over for us, keeping the world beautiful, and safe, and full of the right sort of ideals and people.  For one of my boys, Seth, that day came yesterday.

We were all saddened by what was going on in Japan.  We all felt helpless.  So much devastation and suffering.  All those beach front properties destroyed.  I could tell Seth was affected by it, perhaps more than the rest of us.  He’s at that beautiful age where a boy begins to turn into a man, when he has his last gasps of boyish tenderness.  On the television that night Seth saw news footage of desperately rescue victims in an aid being given rationed supplies.  He came to me and said, “Mommy, I want to help the tsunami people.”  I asked him how, and my little boy spoke with a wisdom beyond his years.  “Mommy, at school we do food drives for the homeless at Thanksgiving, why don’t we do something like that here in the neighborhood? “  I said, “Well, that’s a beautiful idea, Seth, but the Japanese aren’t like homeless people, they won’t eat just anything.”  And out of the mouths of babes came the solution, “What about all those packets packets of Top Ramen we havein our pantry, we can send those to the people in the shelters.”  And so the “Ramen Relief Program” was born!  The next day Seth and some of his little friends went around to all our neighbors in Western Estates and collected almost 150 packages of ramen noodles.  In the week that followed I took Seth around to six other neighborhoods and we collected over 750 individual portions of ramen!  Oh my, that’s a lot of ramen!  My husband Steve owns a wildly successful landscaping company and was able to ship them to Japan  for nothing by using the packets as packaging material for some decorative lawn decorations his company resells to a Tokyo company.  Boy was his Tokyo contact surprised!   We’re trying to encourage the school to get involved as well so we can expand the program but so far they’ve not been receptive.  Not everyone is as generous as we are.  But, see if you don’t feel as good as we do when you do something to help these noble people!



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