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No Tsunami Dogs in the USA

If you love dogs like we do, then it’s time we put our foot down.  While we feel deeply for the plight of the abandoned dogs in Japan following the devastating earthquake and tsunami, we can’t let our own dogs suffer as a result.  We must immediately ban the importation of dogs from Japan and prevent our kennel clubs from recognizing future radiation-created mutant dog breeds.  The Japanese are well known for their love of unusual pornography involving tentacles, and the horrible radiation leaks at the Japanese nuclear facilities is sure to create, both accidentally and on purpose, some very unusual and grotesque dog breeds.  Even though some of them will look normal, we cannot allow the beautiful European and American dog genetics we have cultivated for centuries to be ruined by these glow in the dark Japanimated dogs.

I am writing a letter to the American Kennel Club, to President Obama, to the ASPCA, and to the Japanese Embassy here in Los Angeles to ensure that our beloved American relationship with our dogs is safe.  I encourage you get behind this before it’s too late.



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  1. Sammy says:

    A japanese mutant coyote Lupa dog took a bite out of me and now I have super ninja powers and can transform into a big fluffy dog. Watch me! No, I forgot I’m a ninja and you can’t see me.

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