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Make College Students Prove Citizenship

My little boy Seth is all grown up and heading off to college next year, so our family just got back from spending his spring break touring some of the college campuses within our home state of California.  One thing that surprised my husband, Steve, and I as we went from campus to campus was how many people didn’t quite look like us.  Now, we’re not racist, we love people of every color, but it just seemed like the ratios we’ve come to expect weren’t being accurately represented in the student bodies.  You just get a feel for it, the people you see when you go out shopping, to the movies, to dinner, something just wasn’t right, too many of this, not enough of that.  And my husband asked me a good question, he said, “Where are they all coming from?”  These are top of the line colleges, my Seth even with his impressive 3.0 GPA, his water polo letter, and his good lucks risks being rejected.  And it wouldn’t be fair for a nice boy like him to be turned down when they might be letting in somebody else who doesn’t really belong.  With all this talk of passing laws requiring President Obama to give out his birth certificate, and people of the Mexican hue in Arizona needing to provide their papers when they get stopped by police, my husband believes they should make a law requiring all college students who don’t seem like they belong over here to provide their birth certificate with their application.  My husband thinks this might put the college campuses back into proper balance.



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