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Easter Protest by the Chicano People

On Sunday the little white bunny will be hopping up to all the little white boys’ and girls’ houses, leaving them candy and Easter eggs.  But what about my people?  Where did our conejito go?  The white people stole it from us, like they stole Texas, like they stole New Mexico, like they’re stealing the rest of our culture.  They don’t teach it in the Anglo schools but the rabbit bringing Easter eggs and candy was a Mexican tradition.  In the folklore of my people the great spirit of the conejo, or rabbit as you Anglos call it, came down from the sky to give our people a gift of the chicken.  Our people were hungry, famine had destroyed our crops, driven off the cattle, and we were starving.  The elders prayed to the spirits, and they delivered the chicken for us to raise and eat.  To celebrate, every year on that day my people would smash pinatas in the shape of conejitos, and out of them would pour sweets made for the children.  But then the Conquistadors came and took our story and  our rituals and made it about your white Jesus instead.

My people have had enough.  I am leading a march of my Hispanic empowerment group, La Raza, on Sunday, April 24th, 2011 at 10:00 am.  We will walk from the taco stand by where the 10 freeway meets the 110 all the way to the Olivera Stree where Los Angeles was first founded.  We will be recreating the old Easter traditions, smashing conejito pinatas filled with sweets for the ninos.

Dave Oliva

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One Response to "Easter Protest by the Chicano People"

  1. John says:

    Get over it!!!! You still have cinco de mayo, little latino schwarzenegger, and everybody in this damn country speaks mexican. What more do you want?

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