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Western Estate’s Adopt-the-Unfortunate Program

You can hardly turn on the television these days without seeing the less fortunate paraded around to drum up funds for this or that charity.  Hungry children, lonely old people, grief stricken mothers, homeless cats and dogs, the list goes on.  But sending money is so last year.  A lot of those people got into trouble because of their poor choices, so giving them money or food or shelter won’t help anything.  That’s why my husband Steve and I go a different way.  They need a hand up not a hand out.  They need the mentoring of quality people like us, successful people like us, they need to see what it’s like to live like we do, know just how good life can be when you put your mind to it.  That’s why we in Western Estates have launched our Adopt-the-Unfortunate program where we will take in one homeless person for a two week intensive boot camp that Steve and I have outlined.  We’ll teach the homeless man or woman about the value of working hard, the importance of personal grooming and hygiene, the proper way to consume and appreciate alcohol responsibly, how to socialize, and how to be around children without making people uncomfortable.  It’s a lot to cover in two weeks, but Steve and I are ready!  Tonight we’ll head over to Venice Beach and pick one up.  I’m so excited!  I’ve already got the garage all ready for him with one of my boy’s old sleeping bags, and Steve had them drop off a port-o-let from one of his landscaping work sites.  The anticipation reminds me of the time we were going to Hill Valley Acres to pick out our son’s golden retriever!

Stay tuned!  I’ll update you on how he or she is doing!



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  1. Sammy says:

    Bitch, I’m not homeless. I just left the supermarket and was heading home.

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