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Keeping Kids Safe at Easter

Holidays are always special times for families and children.  But it’s important to remember that certain holidays, like Easter, pose special dangers for children.  Advanced functional MRI studies I participated in at the psychiatric facilities of Atascadero State Hospital  showed that in certain patients the regions of the brain involved in perceiving cuteness overlapped with regions perceiving lust.  Penile plesmographs confirmed that many of these same patients would react with moderate to severe arousal when exposed to non-sexual photos of cute things, from puppies, to stuffed animals, to children in funny costumes.  The patients showing the greatest overlap in cute-lust regions were more likely to be Class A – Class B child-oriented sexual offenders.  I therefore urge all parents to keep their children from going outside in costume, no bunny suits, no headband rabbit ears, no Easter baskets.  Keep the costumes and the cuteness at home, so as not to set off the offenders who may be in your neighborhood trying to keep their urges under control.

Herb Sewell

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  1. Nathaniel says:

    Well written. =)

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