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Royal Wedding Invitation Nonsense

The guest list for the royal wedding was just released and neither I, a veteran journalist who has interviewed members of the royal family not less than four times, nor my fantastic Hollywood producer husband, Frank, were not on it. This is an outrage. Have you seen some of the people who did make the list? Miriam Wiseman for one. She may smell like roses now with the well publicized magnanimity of her celebrity whoring children’s charity, but don’t think I don’t know how she got that position. And it didn’t involve standing up for the needs of children.  Her husband and mine spent many a Tuesday night in the eighties playing squash together on Tuesday nights and boys will talk.

And I know why we weren’t invited, and I must say I am disappointed by the royal pettiness of it all.  Last April when First Lady  Michelle Obama met with the Queen at Buckingham Palace I was in the press pool covering the event for the Nitley Syndicate.  Midway through their meet and greet while all the reporters are seated waiting for question and answer time one of the Queen’s wretched little corgi dogs who was left free to roam comes right over, sniffs several of the reporters, and when it gets to me it takes one big sniff of my right foot and pees on my new Jacque de La Croix pumps  In surprise my leg spasmed and the creature flew back about three feet, giving off a horrible little yelp.  I’ll never forget the Her Majesty’s glare.  I made a plaintive gesture to explain the situation, and she gave a fake little gracious nod, but  it’s pretty clear to me what’s going on when Miriam Wiseman is invited and I’m not.  All I can say is, “Liz, make sure you keep your eye on Phil, Miriam has run off with more than a few women’s husbands.”

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