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Western Estate’s Adopt-the-Unfortunate Program – Day 2

This is part of my series on helping the homeless, make sure you read our story from the beginning!

It feels good to do good.  After kissing the boys good night, and checking to make sure our new homeless friend Jerry hadn’t wandered off, I went up to bed.  What an exciting day it’d been.  What an exciting adventure we were all embarking on.  It feels good to do good.  To do what others won’t. That’s what unites Steve and I.  And that’s why we made passionate love last night, our love renewed by the love we show our fellow men and women.

The morning came quickly, but so had Steve!  I woke up as I usually do around 5 am, put on my makeup and fixed Steve his usual: eggs, bacon, jellied toast, and coffee.  We weren’t sure what homeless people eat so I made Jerry some fortifying Quaker instant oatmeal.  Steve took Jerry a cup of coffee and the oatmeal at 6 am and within a few minutes had him bundled off in their truck to Steve’s landscaping job site.

Jerry’s bootcamp lesson of the day was: The Value of Hard Work.  Steve would have him all morning and then at lunch time it would be my turn to mentor him.

It was quite disappointing to see that Jerry really wasn’t taking this all that seriously.  From what Steve told me later, and what I learned first hand, it was clear why Jerry was on the streets.  He just didn’t seem to take pride in his work.  He’d dig a few post holes for my husband then complain about his back and sit down.  And that afternoon I spent 45 minutes trying to teach him how to operate the powered pool skimmer only to come back two hours later and find him back in the garage, leaves still floating everywhere in the pool.

I knew Steve and I would have to have a stern talk with Jerry, but I was going to wait until my husband got home.  This wasn’t going as well as I’d expected.  I began to fear we might have picked the wrong one.  But, duties called, Seth and Justin were home, and I had to get dinner going.  For Steve, the kids, and I it’d be meat loaf and green beans.  For Jerry I prepared some baked beans I bought the day before.  I knew we’d need to adjust Jerry’s diet gradually.  When Buddy, our golden retriever, gets put on a different dog food, oh my goodness, watch out!  And that’s the last thing we wanted to happen to Jerry.

I went into the backyard to call the boys in, and to my surprise they were playing with their new friend, Jerry.  They were all huddled over by our shed and at first, as a mother, your mind races and my first thought was of course, “Don’t let Jerry be molesting my kids.”  But, as I approached and saw that everyone still had their clothes on my grip on the ladel I was holding relaxed.  Jerry was telling them about his days working on a farm as a teenager, and the right way to plant seeds.

Maybe today wasn’t a total loss, I thought.  Maybe we just needed to find the right thing to ignite Jerry’s passion.  I’d talk to Steve about it.  Maybe Jerry would might like to be a teacher or a camp counselor or a farmer.

Gotta run.  The boys are just finishing up their dinner in the living room, and I’ve got to start doing the dishes, see where Jerry took his tin of beans, and get Steve’s clothes ready for tomorrow.



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