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We’re Going to Shut Down Wikileaks at the ISP Level

WikiLeaks is in the news again today, revealing secrets about the detention facilities in Guantanamo Bay. As fellow patriotic Americans I’m sure you’re as outraged as I am by their treacherous revelations. The government has so far been unwilling or unable to take action against them, so my lawyer, Delores Blasingame, and I are preparing to go into civil court to file a motion of injuction against AT&T, Comcast, Road Runner, Verizon, and 17 other US Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for knowingly and with malice aforethought continuing to provide privileged access to the private governmental and personal information housed on WikiLeaks and four other similar disclosure websites.

We cannot afford to live in a society where a website can behave with impunity, putting everyone’s dirty laundry out there for all to see. It’s not right, and I won’t stand for it any more. The WikiLeak outrages over the past several years became very personal to me last weekend when my neighbor Roy Hutchinson, without my knowledge or consent, took a video of me through my bedroom window while I was enjoying some personal, private time. I only realized what was happening when his wife walked into their bedroom unaware and flicked on the light, showing his outline in the window plain as day. I was humiliated. I covered up, grabbed what I could, and ran into the bathroom. I sat down on the john, covered my face, and cried and cried. But it wasn’t until ten minutes later when Roy Hutchinson called me on the phone laughing and said, “Hey, Steve, I just sent the video of you and your plastic friend off to WikiLeaks.” that I knew just how bad the situation really was. After he got off that little cutie he hung up the phone before I could explain that my wife, April, and our kids were visiting relatives for the week and I had certain needs that I needed to take care of owing to my enlarged prostate, which is a bona fide medical condition, for which I am under a doctor’s care. I will be suing Mr. Hutchinson separately for willful infliction of emotional distress.

I immediately contacted WikiLeaks to ask them to not release the video, but only got a form response back. That was five days ago and I have still heard nothing. That is why we are going ahead with our legal motion to ensure that everyone’s rights and our nation’s secrets are protected.

Steve Bosell

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