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Keep the NSA Out of Our Virtual Bedroom – Join the Class Action Lawsuit!

wp_nsaWith the horrifying revelation just weeks ago by former federal contractor Edward Snowden that the NSA is spying on its own American citizens, embedding their own monitors inside major Internet search  providers, ISPs, and phone companies, I’m sure you stand with me objecting to the government.prying into our private and personal virtual lives.

As a building contractor I work hard, going to bed early and waking up early.  And when I get up my wife, April, and my kids April, Jr. and Steve, Jr. are all still fast asleep.  I use this private time to go over recent purchase orders, review crew assignments, and sometimes when the pressures of the world are weighing me down and my wife has been busy, I sometimes address my own physical, manly needs.  But like the rest of you I now learn that my government has been spying on me, watching what I’m doing during this most sacred private time, where not even my wife, mother to my kids, is allowed.  I am disgusted.  This is not the America I grew up in, an America where a man could enjoy the liberty of a few tender moments entirely alone, shielded from the world, only his laptop and a bottle of hand lotion by his side.  To quote Ben Franklin, “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”  We deserve more.

I have instructed my lawyer, Delores Blasingame, to draw up a class action lawsuit to prevent the government from continuing to engage in this activity and ensure that they never release any of the data they have collected about us.  Mrs. Blasingame has informed me that the paperwork will be filed with the Federal Courts in Washington within six days.  I urge you to contact us and be added to our suit.

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