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The First Pictures of Kim and Kanye’s Baby!

The world rejoices in the birth of Kim and Kanye’s new baby girl, and while the hoi polloi waits on bated breath for TMZ and its paparazzos to publish the first out of focus photo of their darling dear, we here at the Gray World Daily are always one step ahead of the curve. Rather than stoop to bribing nurses into smuggling out a camera we’ve taken the high road and engaged the services of well known geneticists Dr. Indigar Perilam and Dr. Otto Vertegol to help us use science to develop an accurate picture of just what this lovely baby will look like.  After months of painstaking research which included something wonderfully new called photo feature tomography and reconstructive DNA analysis, Drs. Perliam and Vertego have narrowed the possibilities down and delivered this infographic with their findings:


So there you have it! Nobody can’t say we didn’t get there first, Little Baby Girl West-Kardashian, right there in the middle with 67% of the genetics odds in her favor.  What a lovely girl!  A beautiful, bouncing Type IV on the Fitzpatrick Scale! We wish the whole family the very best at this special time!  Just in case it’s one of the other ones, that’s fine too, they’re all a lovely blending of features and colors, shades and shapes, a beautiful representation of America in the 21st century!

We were so pleased with the work of Drs. Perliam and Vertego we have sent them on their next mission, predicting the size of this lovely baby’s bottom when it reaches adulthood!  Stay tuned!

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