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Phil Hendrie & the Phil Hendrie Show

Phil Hendrie is a magician. You listen to him perform, and you learn the big secret, yet it is all done so artfully your brain cannot fully accept what’s happening. The characters are so highly developed, the shifting between his speaking and his characters so masterful, after listening to thousands upon thousands of hours of his work, even watching him perform on his live stream, I still don’t see the trick.  I feel like my sense must be wrong, that my eyes are deceiving my ears. How does he do it? Surely there is real magic going on.

Phil’s show is brilliant, the opportunity to explore profoundly weighty topics via satire is invaluable. Our society refuses to openly, rationally discuss so many topics, and only through such vehicles as satire can we get around the normal mores which keep the talking heads on television and the people around the water cooler from speaking honestly.

Message to Team Phil

The purpose of this site is to allow the author, a part-time semi-professional writer, to practice thinking and writing within the Phil Hendrie Show space in the hopes that maybe I’ll prove myself useful to the show, if only as a source for a few unsolicited ideas.  Maybe it’s a long shot, but by god this is America, and stuff like that happens here from time to time. :)

If Phil doesn’t like the site I’ll shut it down; I do not mean it to encroach on his intellectual property or sensibilities.


This site is a collection of original works based on the characters of the Phil Hendrie Show.  No stories intentionally contain material from the official Phil Hendrie canon, beyond character biographies and references to canon material. Any duplication is therefore happenstance. All copyrights, trademarks, et cetera belong to their respective owners.  The site has no official relationship with the Phil Hendrie Show.


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